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The team behind LISY Network is very simple...our community! We are not a small team that dominates how to manage cryptocurrency-we are a group of true blockchain people, who work in the true sense of the blockchain... We are decentralized and everyone is involved. From designers to developers, from marketing to technical support, from society to copywriters, the extensive skills and experience of our community are the driving force behind it. People come, people go, everyone is free to participate as much as possible.

Many of us contribute their time and energy every day. They prove the community-driven nature of LISY and the embodiment of the spirit of voluntary service. They and the rest of the LISY community are the project. Despite this, despite this, they still maintain such a smooth reason, they are moving towards the successful privatization of LISY Network. The LISY settings are very different from most cryptocurrencies, but they seem to work fine.

If you have the skills to help support LISY Network, why not contact us?